What does MIM's StoreChk.exe do?

I watched through SQL Profiler to better understand what these checks do, and I found an error with check #10. It says it is “Checking Lineage Guid table for MV objects with invalid MV object ids” but the SQL query it issues is the same as the query for Check # 9 “Checking Lineage Date table for MV objects with invalid MV object ids.” It queries the Lineate Date table instead of the Lineage GUID table like it says.

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MIM StoreChk.exe Assumes SQL is Local

On occasion you (usually with the help of PSS – Product Support Services) may need to verify the integrity of the MIM Synchronization Service Database. To do this you can use the Store Check tool, StoreChk.exe located in the bin folder under the root of your MIM Synchronization install. While the storechk tool does read the registry to find the name of the database (almost always is FIMSynchronizationService) it does not read the Server or Instance name registry values in the parameters key of the registry.

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