How to be a pro at Google

August 28, 2008

My friend and coworker, Brad Turner, once joked that if asked what search engine he used he would say “David Lundell”. While I do have a way of phrasing my searches just so, I thought I would point everyone to some great lessons on how to be better at google. I learned about these from a former business associate, Gary Thede, now the President of Boost eLearning.

Check out the following 3 free lessons from Boost eLearning on how to be a pro at googling!

Their three free lessons are part of a bigger pack of 20 lessons. The lessons are all done in the same format: Intro, followed by an Overview, followed by the formula, a couple of lessons on application of the formula, a few tips on the limitations, a quick example for you to try (it doesn’t connect you to google), and then a conclusion (see the tabs towards the top of the screenshot:


They have 3 free lessons: 1) Phrase Searching, 5) Wildcards, and 10) FileType Operator (see the above screenshot).

The complete list of lessons is here

If Steve Ballmer wants to be more competive with Google he could do worse than invite/entice Boost Elearning to develop something similar for! I have not tested these techniques on, only on google and just the techniques from the free lessons, but the rest of the lessons do look intriguing.