ILM 2 Beta 3 Bug: Action Process Function Evaluator Activity doesn't work when using only one field

September 12, 2008

ID: 367381


Action Process Function Evaluator Activity doesn’t work when using only one field, but when I concatenate with 2 it works.

Repro Steps

Create an action Process
Add one activity – Function Evaluator
Set a destination to an attribute (like DisplayName) and select only one field in the value – LastName
Then build an MPR to apply to All People (don’t check Grants Permission), Operations: Create and Modify
Requestors: All People
All Attributes
Condition Before All People
Condition After All People
Policy Workflows: Add your Action Process
Then create or modify a user
open the user again and note that it did not work
Then look at search requests, view the request and note the following error: Data at the root level is invalid. Line 1, position 1.

This fails


and when used gives this error:


But this works (as does concatenating with a "" string)


Please repro and validate as a bug