a sprinkling of understanding Workflow in ILM 2

September 16, 2008

So by now all of you know that understanding Windows Workflow Foundation is going to be quite helpful in implementing ILM 2.

Having lived 9 of the last 12 months in Redmond, WA, I now understand a lot more about sprinkling

So I thought I would provide a sprinkling of understanding about Windows Workflow Foundation: a categorization of the built in workflows.

Cateory Activity Composite Notes
Conditional Invoke Web Service
Conditional Conditional Activity Group
Conditional IfElse
Conditional Policy Akin to a switch statement or Select Case
Conditional While
Custom Code
Error Compensate
Error Fault Handler
Error Throw
Flow Delay
Flow EventDriven
Flow Listen X 2+ event driven
Flow Parallel x 2+ sequence for each
Flow State
Flow Sequence X
Flow SetState
Flow StateInitialization X
Flow Suspend
Flow Terminate
Flow Transaction Scope