A few excellent Live@edu (Outlook Live) Blogs

April 14, 2009

I have been involved with the Microsoft Live@edu (formerly Windows Live@edu) and the Outlook Live (formerly Exchange Labs) programs for quite sometime.

What a wonderful opportunity for schools to alleviate the cost of hosting email for students and then to be able to offer it to alumni helping provide them with lifelong connection to the university and way to keep their email address from their student days. Maintaining stronger ties leads to more evangelism on the school’s behalf and will lead to more Alumni donations. I would have love have kept my dpl@bigdog.engr.arizona.edu, lundelld@gas.uug.arizona.edu or dlundell@u.arizona.edu accounts. Instead of rediscovering friends on facebook I might never have lost touch with them in the first place.

A few weeks ago Robert Hughes of Bridgepoint introduced me to Jonny Chambers blog as another excellent resource to information about Outlook Live. So I thought I would collect some resources here:

Jonny Chambers blog

Jonny has a great list of official links to Live@edu


Almero Steyn (pronounced Al mare Roo  Stain)  another ILM MVP has also put together some fantastic blog posts on Outlook Live.