Best Practices ILM 2007 Coding Conventions and Habits

June 22, 2009

Thanks for writing this up, David. That’s goo…

matthew gibson - Jun 2, 2009

Thanks for writing this up, David. That’s good information.

Can you explain this point…
I have seen one developer use the flow rule names as a language to processor module to handle 90% of his string manipulation. That certainly cut down on the need for re-coding.

I’m not sure I follow.

Thanks, Again. Matthew

One developer wrote a module that could interpret stuff like this
Person:SN + “,” + GivenName -> User: displayname

Person:Propercase(SN) + “,” + Propercase(GivenName) -> User:Displayname

Kind of like codeless provisioning in ILM 2 except that his mechanism for entering the codeless code (grin) was to put it in the flow rule name in Identity Manager so that it would be passed to his code at run time. It was very innovative but confusing as all get out to someone looking at it the first time.