Desert Code Camp -- SQL, XPath and FIM

June 19, 2009

I just presented 3 sessions at the 2009 Desert Code Camp on Saturday June 13, 2009  at Devry University

Thanks to Devry for hosting it and thanks to Lorin Thwaits of KB Alertz for being the Code Camp Director and to all other volunteers.

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I dream in SQL (writing queries)

Learn how to write SQL queries: SELECT statements, JOIN clauses, group by with Practical examples from the realm of Identity Management


Audience: 36
The room was packed. Despite the odd hum in the background due to feedback from the projectors, things went fairly well. I had created the session, slides and examples for a group that was brand new to SQL or pretty shaky but most that showed up had plenty of experience writing queries but wanted to formalize their knowledge learn some of the terms, best practices and gain understanding of why they write queries that way. I tweaked the slides to include some of the topics I added on the fly in response to questions and the audience’s deeper than novice experience. I received lots of great questions.

Query Performance Tuning

Learn how to optimize your SQL 2008 queries, learn how to use Query Plans and Statistics to measure performance – find the weak points and then what can be done to speed your queries, learn when to avoid cursors (usually) and how to replace them.

[Optimizing SQL Queries]( SQL

Audience: 37
About half the class from the 1st hour followed me to this one. It was a another packed session SRO!
I wish I had more time to delve in. Showed people the different ways to analyze queries and some basics about query tuning with a focus on dumping cursors. I have also revamped these slides somewhat.

XPath Queries (tastes just like SQL)

On more and more fronts XPath queries are available to us, learn how to take your existing SQL query skills and translate them to XPath. See practical examples of XPath queries against a WCF based Web service (Forefront Identity Manager).

XPath Queries (tasted just like SQL)

Audience: 17
Joe Zamora co-presented this one with me so that we could show off his FIM query tool as an example to others that write against XML SOAP WCF web services. After the crowd did agree XPATH does taste like SQL!