At it again -- Geneva Part II

August 14, 2009

Once more we invite you to another Ensynch Identity Management webinar. This is part 2 in our series of 4 on Geneva (ADFS, WIF). This one is going to be led by Chris Calderon one of our ADFS Experts, so naturally this will be filled with excellent technical content. As will Part 3 as it focuses on Windows Identity Foundation.


Webinar Agenda:
- How Geneva provides business value to organizations seeking Single-Sign-On (SSO)?

- Geneva Overview

- Transitioning from ADFS v1 to Geneva Server (ADFSv2)

- SSO Scenarios using Geneva

- Designing a Geneva Solution

- Managing Geneva Server

- Extending the functionality of Geneva

- Q & A

- Post Webinar Chat Session: Once the webinar concludes, our experts will stay online for an additional 30 minutes to field your questions via text chat.

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Also, stay tuned for the final two parts of this webinar series:
Using the Microsoft Geneva Framework to Solve Your Federation Needs
Thursday, September 10, 2009
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Accelerate Your Businesses for the Future with Microsoft Geneva and the CloudWednesday, September 30, 2009
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