TEC Europe – Come hear me speak!

September 1, 2010

I will be presenting at TEC Europe in Dusseldorf Germany Oct 4-6. During my sessions I will give away a copy or two of my book FIM Best Practices Volume 1 .


FIM 2010 Performance Tuning (SQL and more)
David Lundell

Learn how to tune FIM 2010 to make it scream. Take a look at the various architectures and what they buy you. Learn how crucial SQL is to FIM performance and what to do about it. You’ll also learn tips for workflows and the FIM web service and receive a crash course in the SQL Server Optimization.

**Proper Care and Feeding of Your Databases: FIM, ILM, CLM, RMS, SharePoint and OCS
**Speaker: David Lundell

Without proper care and feeding of your databases (FIM Meta Directory Services, FIM Certificate Services, FIM Web Service, RMS, SharePoint and OCS logging), chaos will result. Learn to conquer the chaos as David Lundell, SQL expert and ILM/FIM MVP, teaches you appropriate backup strategies, database and index maintenance tactics, and performance optimization tricks including guidance on fillfactor settings for SharePoint. You will also receive a crash course in the SQL Transaction Log, SQL Recovery Models, Database Maintenance Plans, Index Optimization, SQL Backups, and SQL Agent Jobs.