Amazon–FIM Best Practices Volume 1

December 16, 2010

Apparently one of the Amazon marketplace sellers has decided to list my book on Amazon.

So I am excited that it can now be found on Amazon, but it should be noted that Old Shingled House has marked it up to $49.95 a 99.5% markup. Old Shingled House is buying them through Lulu at the regular rate of $25.00. If you buy it through Amazon or through Lulu, I still get my normal cut, the question is how much you pay. Now lest you think Old Shingled House is being greedy, I did look at what it takes to make the book available on Amazon through the marketplace or by having Lulu place it out there, and there certainly are extra costs. So if you found it through Amazon good. If you found it at Lulu and bought there even better for you.