EBook of Vol 1 is now available

March 15, 2011

After listening to many pleas for an e-book version of FIM Best Practices Volume 1, I have relented and created an e-book version. List price is $22.00 but here is a 10% off discount for the next week to $19.80.

Most of the requests were for speed of delivery, searching, but the one that got me was a request based on eyesight made by Bill Singh. So you can all thank him for there being an e-book of volume 1.

So here it is as a PDF. With no DRM. That’s right now DRM. I hate it when I get PDF’s with DRM, so I am making this available with no DRM, only protected by Copyright and your sense of honor. I am trusting all of you my readers to behave appropriately. So you can have this on your iPad, your IPod, your computer or any other device you have that uses PDF, but not your neighbor’s device.

You can purchase the e-book through Lulu.


Or from the regular link click on the File Download.