TEC 2011–FIM Workflows Deep dive

April 16, 2011

I am already in Las Vegas, prepping to assist my fellow Ensynch coworkers, Joe Zamora, and Rebecca Croft as they lead an awesome value packed pre-conference workshop tomorrow (Sunday) morning at 8 AM to 12 PM (noon). Jerry Camel and Brad Turner will also be around to assist.

There are so many good sessions to attend this time here are some of the ones I am looking forward to:

Monday morning gets the FIMsters off to a great start with a choice of two great sessions:

  1. Andreas Kjellman of Microsoft presenting on Msft PM 2Creating Management Agents with the new EZMA. Apparently “in the next few months a new” and to me very exciting “development framework for creating management agents will be released.” This is a great one to send a developer so they can prep for using the EZMA which sounds as though it will make the XMA obsolete.

  2. James Booth, formerly of Microsoft, now of Boothbilt, makes his return to speaking at TEC as he presents on Files, FIM, and Powershell. I am looking forward to learning how James has made use of PowerShell to automate certain chores in maintaining FIM. Man, I love collaborating with that guy!

Then in the post lunch sleepiness we have two exciting speakers to keep us awake, Craig Martin, FIM MVP, speaking on FIM Powershell Deep Dive Must stack up for PS deep dive and Rob Allen with his cleverly named Can PXEs Fly? FIM and SCCM Integration. Which one to choose?

Immediately following Craig’s session I am delivering: FIM Best Practices: Sizing Your FIM Installation. Hopefully it will be a beaut!

At the same time following another FIM MVP, Carol Wapshere (of Miss MIIS fame), will be speaking on Head in the clouds – navigating the identity pitfalls of a complex cloud migration. At that altitude it sounds like someone got a bloody nose. Nonetheless, I am sure that Carol’s clear and direct style of speech will help others avoid the nose bleed.

Another “bloody nose” session will also be going on at the same time as mine, AD FS Troubleshooting in the Wild – Cookies and Tokens and Fiddler, Oh My! by Laura Hunter and Brian Puhl. Those MS IT masters of disaster Winking smile err I mean ADFS are at it again.

Winding up the day and setting the stage for the Quest sponsored TEC party, is Brad Turner, showing off some really slick FIM add-ons from one of our latest projects. I will be there to lead things off for Designing and Implementing RBAC Solutions with FIM 2010 Group Management. Also at the same hour Brian Komar, shows off some work from a recent project (thanks for leading that one Brian!) illustrating the Simplifying certificate enrollment to non-Windows computers

To Gil Kirkpatrick, Christine McDermott, and Stella De Jean Lowe and all of the other folks at Quest involved in TEC, I say you have put together what looks to be an amazing set of pre-cons and first day sessions! Look for my reviews on Monday as the day goes, I am going to try and blog it as we go. I suppose that’s really a twitter kind of thing, but then again has anyone ever known me to limit myself to 120 characters?