SQL Extensible Management Agents That Scale (Rebecca Croft)

June 23, 2011

Rebecca, a fellow Ensynchian, presented at TEC 2011 on the limitations of the standard out of the box SQL Management and how she overcame them by writing a very fast eXtensible Management Agent (XMA).

First attempt use ado.net sql reader to read data (really fast) and write one row at a time to the AVP file (but that gets slow when dealing with large data sets).

Second attempt use the T-SQL “FOR XML” clause to transform the data to XML and then use an XSLT to transform to LDIF.

So the XMA executes a T-SQL statement to export the data to XML and then XSLT to transform to LDIF and then returns the LDIF file to the FIM Synchronization Service.

She even showed off a wizard to create the XMA for us. When it completed successfully she received a spontaneous round of applause.