FIM R2 Showdown -- Classic vs. Declarative

January 25, 2012

Come join me at The Experts Conference 2012 in San Diego April 29 - May2 where I will be presenting:

FIM R2 Showdown — Classic vs. Declarative
David Lundell

Is there room enough for both in this town? FIM 2010 R2 has two ways of accomplishing many tasks: Classic and Declarative. Attend this showdown to learn when to saddle up Classic vs. when to saddle up with Declarative Sync Rules and why. Dissenting opinions politely welcomed — join the controversy! Discussion will take into account performance, ease of implementation and maintainability.

My colleague Lutz Mueller-Hipper has been selected to present three sessions:

Data Loss Prevention with RMS: 2012 the Year of RMS
Speaker: Lutz Mueller-Hipper

In this session we talk about the reasons for RMS and the battle against PKI. RMS is growing up, so let’s see what we got with Mac Office, for unsupported documents formats and automatic data classification tools. We will also cover what is new with RMS in Windows 8 and RMS in the Cloud.

EZ PKI and PKI Housekeeping
Speaker: Lutz Mueller-Hipper

It is time to use PKI to simplify computer management, and this session will go over design recommendations and security aspects for scenarios with Wifi and VPN. Don’t just do it, do it right, and see why and how. The second part of this session will discuss user certificates in the wild, how to publish them securely with AD LDS and what needs to be done for housekeeping in Active Directory for PKI.

Public/Private Cloud Application Security and Single Sign On with BYOD –**
Tear Down the Walls
Speaker:** Lutz Mueller-Hipper

The IT business is moving rapidly to cloud based solutions. Want to know what that means to the traditional network infrastructure and how you can run an open but secured network? The session will look at all those things from an application level and authentication in enterprises with classic SSO and federation.

For all of the Directory and Identity Abstracts