FIM 2010 R2 Showdown: Classic vs. Declarative

April 30, 2012

Well I delivered my session FIM 2010 R2 Showdown: Classic vs. Declarative. During lunch they changed the location. But the room was packed by 5 min after I began (guessing about 45-50 people). Many familiar faces.

We had a rollicking good time. I presented how things worked with Classic and Declarative presented some findings and asked for other opinions. Boy did I receive them.

My basic conclusion is that Declarative can reduce the code used and in turn improve the maintainability of the FIM implementation.

Some folks agreed. Some few misguided folks disagreed Winking smile. I did take a bunch of ribbing from many who prefer the code.

We had lots of fun sharing opinions. I think all can agree that the Declarative Sync Rules give us a lot of promise for doing things without code and in a several ways falls short. Where we differ is how that affects the way we implement FIM. Some ignore the sync rules and do everything Classic. However, some of us try to use the Sync Rules for everything possible and the classic code only when needed.

One thing is certain, the product is definitely heading in the direction of more and more declarative capabilities.