How to import the Domain attribute into the FIM Portal Part 1

August 16, 2012

If you have a single domain forest then you should use a constant flow in your sync rule or advanced attribute flow. If you have a multi-domain forest, then using a constant in the advanced attribute flow won’t work.

You could create multiple inbound sync rules one for each domain with scoping filters and then use a constant. However, this seems like a waste.

You could also follow the guidance provided in article originated by my friend Markus Vilcinskas and maintained by the community

Which for one domain looks like this:


and for three looks like:


However it requires ferreting out the SIDs of the domains (although Markus does provide a script to generate the expression ). This technique uses the fact that the first 41 characters of the SID (after converting it to a string) of every object is the domain SID.

As you can see the custom expression gets very unwieldy, very fast. In Part 2 I shall propose a more elegant solution that works in all cases with one notable exception, that can be worked around.