FIM Best Practices Volume 1 has been updated for R2

September 4, 2012

Just this morning I have published the updated for R2 edition of FIM Best Practices Volume 1. Now called FIM R2 Best Practices Volume 1: Introduction, Architecture And Installation Of Forefront Identity Manager 2010 R2. The EBook edition is in color!

Print Edition of FIM R2 Best Practices Volume 1 is still B/W

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Updates (over 50 pages more content than before, now at 319 pages, plus lots of revision):

  • New screenshots at every step of the way.

  • Over 260 Figures.

  • 36 Code Fragments

  • 49 tables

  • The architecture discussion covers the new components, Reporting, BHOLD, and Password Reset.

  • Installing the FIM Password Reset Portal, the FIM Password Registration Portal, Installing the reporting component. 

  • Added sample scripts so that almost every step has an option for performing it in scripted fashion.

  • Redesigned the flow of the Service Accounts, Groups, SPNs and aliases to make it easier to follow and to hand off those portions to others. In fact parts of the book read like a “Choose-Your-Own-Adventure” book guiding you to skip past sections that are irrelevant for your particular case.

  • The section on SPNs has been completely re-written to provide an even better explanation of Kerberos and SPNs, but also the ability to jump right to what needs to be done for those that already know the concepts.

  • The chapter on Pre-requisites covers using SharePoint Foundation 2010.

  • The Chapter on updating FIM is much expanded to help you deal with Roll Back scenarios.

  • Added several more bits of humor to see if you are still awake.