5 reasons to be thankful for Identity Management

November 21, 2012

On the eve of Thanksgiving I offer 5 reasons to be thankful for Identity Management (user provisioning, deprovisioning, group and role management, etc.):

  1. What other compliance project can actually have a positive ROI?
    1. You get improved compliance (and the ability to show it)
    2. You also get better security as accounts are disabled quickly
    3. Then you save money through the automation
  2. Identity Management can help support your corporate goals
  3. You can empower users to serve themselves with password resets, group/role requests
  4. It can help keep your organization out of the shame columns in the trade rags
    1. We have all read about the disgruntled former employee accessing data.
  5. The joy of automation, the joy of not having to do double data entry!

5 things in Identity Management in 2012 for which I am thankful

  1. The release of Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager 2010 R2

    1. Web based Password Reset
    2. Reporting
    3. BHOLD suite for RBAC
  2. Releasing FIM Best Practices Volume 1 updated for R2

  3. Being Renewed as a FIM MVP (since 2007 so that makes 6 awards!)

  4. Attending and speaking at The Experts Conference 2012 and attending the Cloud Identity Summit

  5. Having a great job at Insight where I lead an excellent team in delivering solutions in an area of passionate interest.

  6. We are hiring. We need:

  7. FIM Architects

  8. AD Architects (ADFS, PKI too if you got it)

  9. AD Migration experts