MIM's the word -- New name for FIM

April 30, 2014

Last week the Product group announced the new name for FIM and MIM’s the word Microsoft Identity Manager.

Of course as a good futurist I had made enough guesses that I got this one right, even though as an honest man I must admit I also had it wrong – Azure is not part of the name.

Fortunately, they didn’t go with APE nor AILMENT, nor MIME, nor MIAMI, nor MICE, nor MAIM, nor WIMP. MIM’s the word!

Hopefully, many of my readers have been entertained by my speculation. It has been fun. So now back to real work … what will it be called in the release after the next one?


  • Hybrid Identity Manager (HIM) – Too sexist
  • Hybrid Identity Provisioning Engine (HIPE) – Hype – nah
  • Hybrid Identity Access Engine – (HIAE) – pronounced Hi yah! I could go for that one!