Portable 2nd Monitor for the Surface Pro 3 ( and TwoMonUSB issues)

March 11, 2015

Thanks for the awesome post and the specifications…

John Smith - Jun 4, 2015

Thanks for the awesome post and the specifications.

AOC Portable Monitor

Hi thanlks for a great review. I have bought same AOC monitor but can not get it to work from the USB port on the SP3? It works OK off the MS hub but just flashes with the USB port on the actual SP3 itself. Did you have to install the DisplayLink software and if so which version? Thanks

I did not have to install DisplayLink.

Hope I can help someone a year later, but with the AOC E1659FWUX, I purchased it to use with my surface pro before I knew my tablet was not strong enough to power it. A great work around is using the additional USB cord that is attached with the main cord, along with a cellphone USB (I used a Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging, it also works with an external battery pack if you’re not near an outlet.