Open Source: Review of FIM PowerShell Module

March 31, 2017

The FIM PowerShell Module (started by Craig Martin and now updated most frequently by Brian Desmond) is a great set of commandlets that help you to automate Interactions with FIM Service and FIM Sync Service.

Managing Sync
This library is great for automating tests. This library and Ryan Newington’s Lithnet-Miis-PowerShell (see my review on LithNet) are very complimentary. You can retrieve CS Objects, Run History, start an MA.
I found that the most interesting Sync related Cmdlets are the

  • Assert-CSAttribute, which you use to do automated test checking and
  • Create-ImportfileFromCSEntry which you can use to take a CSEntry and make a drop file as a way to fake connections to the connected system. So you can run an export and then confirming import

Other CmdLet’s not covered by LithNet

  • Get-FimRegistryKey

  • Get-FimSyncPath

  • Get-ImportAttributeFlow

  • Get-ExportAttributeFlow

  • Join-ImportToExportAttributeFlow

  • Get-MetaverseSchema

For documenation purposes the Get- AttributeFlow commandlets are amazing. I can’t believe I ever implemented FIM or MIM without them. You can use them to generate a view of the end to end flow of attributes.

I felt cool when I got to apply some code from Joe Zamora and a couple fixes of my own to solve these issues:

Brian Desmond was kind enough to perform the commits. 

Managing MIM Service
These PowerShell commandlets tend be very robust with lots of great error checking. They are great for creating objects in the FIM/MIM Service. They do lack commandlets for updating and deleting specific objects but that can still be handled with the New-FIMImportObject and New-FIMImportChange commandlets.

I also found that while many commandlets have a $uri parameter that should allow you to call the cmdlets and affect a remote installation some of the underlying commandlets don’t implement this consistently and expect a local instance of the Service.

This library provides a great foundation upon which Wim Beck built IS4U-FIM-PowerShell (Check out my review of IS4U-FIM-PowerShell). I recommend that library (plus this one) or Ryan Newington’s Lithnextresourcemanagement-powershell (see my review).