European Identity Conference 2018 -- Overview and Mon Night

May 17, 2018

I have spent this week in Munich Germany, where it has been mostly cloudy, lots of rain, and a little thunder.

I have seen a number of familiar faces to those who attended Directory Experts conference: Pamela Dingle, Alex Simons, Alex Weinert, Jackson Shaw, Jonathan Sander, Kim Cameron, and others. Also a lot of faces familiar to those who have attended Cloud Identity Summits: Andrew Hindle, Colin Wallis, Steve Hutchinson, Eve Maler, and Ian Glazer and fellow Microsoft MVP: Naohiro Fujie.

I have also seen a lot of new faces like the people from Kuppinger Cole, starting with Martin Kuppinger, but also Matthias Reinwarth, John Tolbert, and others.

The conference kicked off with a Blockchain slam. Not slamming Blockchain per se, although most examples of Identity and Blockchain are still full of potential and not a lot of practice. Most blockchain based identity proposals have blockchain way off to the side. With most of the proposals, I don’t see how blockchain actually contributes value. One presentation showed how their proof of concept system would use blockchain for quick auditing to ensure that their logs have not been tampered with. One presentation got me thinking about potential uses for blockchain. Well, it solves the double pay problem really well without a central authority, so what about Napster, peer to peer sharing? We could use blockchain to ensure that I loan my music copies to one and only one user at a time.