Missing the old Directory Experts Conference? Try HIP!

October 8, 2018

On Monday, Nov 5th, and Tuesday the 6th I will be attending and speaking at the Hybrid Identity Protection (HIP) Conference in NYC. On Monday at 4 PM I will be giving an updated version of Top Lessons Learned from Disasters in Identity Management as well as a sneakĀ peek of my new book, How to be an MVP in Life.

I am very excited to attend this conference. Thanks to Darren Mar-Elia and Micky Bresman at Semperis for putting it all together. This should be a lot like the old DEC – Directory Experts Conference since it looks like DEC co-founder Gil Kirkpatrick is heavily involved.

I would recommend going to Sean Deuby’s talk on Azure AD Protection but he and I are speaking at the same time.

I do highly recommend Brian Desmond’s talk about 10 quick Identity Wins with Azure AD, and the Conditional Access Deep Dive with Joe Kaplan.