Wanted: Up and coming Cyber Security Professionals

June 18, 2020

Cyber Security – Identity Management Implementer

Secure your identities against the dangers of the Cyber World, automate the repetitive, and empower your users!


  1. Shut the front door on the most obvious  vector for Cyber-attacks
  2. Reduce the IT department’s compliance burden (SOX, HIPAA, FERPA, GLBA, ISO etc).
  3. Free IT people to do tasks that require more brain power


  1. Automating the drone-like work of managing user identities

  2. Disabling accounts of terminated users

  3. Creating accounts for new employees, contractors and vendors

  4. Deleting old disabled accounts

  5. Synchronizing identity info

  6. Birth right access

  7. Implementing Multi-Factor Authentication

  8. Implementing Single Sign On

  9. Empowering end-users with Self-Service for Access and Password Resets

We focus on Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory and Microsoft Identity Manager 2016. We also use other tools. We architect solutions with the aforementioned tools, we enhance those tools by writing code in T-SQL, .NET (C# and VB.NET) and PowerShell that manipulate identities in Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, and many other applications.

We want up and coming Cyber Security professionals with 1-5 years' experience in IT who are excited to work with a great mentor (author and 12-time alum of the Microsoft MVP program) and make a difference working with household name clients and others.

We are looking for people with some of these skills who can learn the rest quickly. Let’s start off with the skills that a Senior Implementer would possess. If you have some of these then we will talk about a role as Senior Implementer, if not then go to the second list.

Cyber Security – Identity Management Implementer Senior - Skills:

  • Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory

  • Especially using it to manage account creation and access to Cloud Applications and On Premise apps too

  • Multi-Factor Authentication

  • Information Protection

  • Password Protection

  • Privileged Access Management

  • SIEM

  • Microsoft Identity Manager 2016

  • Synchronization Engine

  • MIM Portal

  • Privileged Identity Management

  • General background in what HR databases look like

Now onto the Skills needed for us to ramp you up to being a Cyber Security – Identity Management Implementer. You don’t need to be expert level at all of these or even have experience in all if you are really good in one, and so-so in one or two others and some exposure in any of the rest great! Even if you are so-so in three of them. Databases + Active Directory is a great combo. Active Directory plus .NET also great. Databases plus .NET also great. We will teach you the rest through OJT and online classes.

Cyber Security – Identity Management Implementer - Skills:

  • Databases

  • Microsoft SQL Server (ideal)

  • T-SQL Stored Procedures and Functions

  • But at least LEFT Outer Joins and Right

  • Some Database administration too

  • Oracle, MySQL or something that uses ANSI SQL (Good)

  • Programming

  • .NET  (dot Net)

  • C# (ideal)

  • VB.NET (ok)

  • Java (then you can learn .NET)

  • Scripting

  • PowerShell (ideal)

  • Unix Shells (good)

  • JavaScript (good)

  • Dos Batch (ok)

  • Directory Administration

  • Active Directory (ideal)

  • Can Write LDAP queries and understand some of the underlying AD Attributes (Great)

  • Understand Domains and Trusts (Good)

  • Created some users and groups (ok)

  • Any other LDAP (ok)

  • Understand Object Classes

  • Know difference between LDAP and LDAPS

  • Cloud Applications

  • Various common cloud applications – authentication and account creation

  • SCIM

  • OpenID Connect

  • SAML 2.0

Work from home the vast majority of the time (occasional travel to clients is required 1-4 trips per year is typical).

Pay is competitive with the market, commensurate with experience, and based on how quickly we think we can bring you up to speed to work on clients. Generous annual bonuses based on measurable individual performance as well as contributions to the team.

Benefits: Health Insurance, plus a 401k (with low expense mutual funds) with 6% match dollar for dollar plus 401k Profit sharing contributions based on company performance as a whole.