Our Founder

David Lundell

David got started in technology when his dad brought home first an Atari PC (not the video game console) and later an IBM PC. David picked up a book on programming in BASIC when he was 8. Every week when he was a teenager his dad dragged him into the office of his startup software company to vacuum, clean the bathrooms and haul out the trash. One day his dad handed him the manual for their network management software, sat him down at the computer and commanded, “Test the software!” That was just over 30 years ago.

David worked as a Network and Active Directory Administrator, a .NET Developer, and a SQL Server Database Administrator. He also earned some certifications: MCP, MCSE, MCT, MCDBA, MCSD, MCITP: Database Administrator, MCITP: Database Developer, MCITP: Business Intelligence Developer, MCSA, CCNA, CNA, Sun Certified Programmer Java, A+, Network+, Server+.

Then in 2006 David discovered Identity Management and jumped in.