Exchange 2010

TEC 2012 call for papers open for 2 more days

The Experts Conference Call for Papers still open until Nov 18th For general info: I have attended at spoke at this conference since 2007. I love it. It is a great experience and loads of great in-depth technical training by top experts on Directory & Identity, as well as SharePoint, Exchange, Virtualization & Cloud and PowerShell Deep Dive. Also come and learn about the inside joke dealing with the rubber chicken.

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Behind the scenes of RoomResources–Custom Properties

While using FIM and PowerShell to manage Exchange 2010 I was following along a wonderful article on resource mailboxes that left me wondering a few things. Exactly how is the data stored in the msExchResourceDisplay and msExchResourceSearchProperties attributes? How is it stored with multiple custom properties? Is manipulating those AD attributes sufficient or is PowerShell storing something in the Exchange Data store? Here are the answers:

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TEC Decks Posted!

If you attended TEC you can now get the Slide Decks by registering on and accessing the following item: TEC 2010 Conference Materials Have Been Posted! You can find my sessions here: Proper Care and Feeding of Your Databases: FIM, ILM, CLM, RMS, SharePoint and OCS Without proper care and feeding of your databases (FIM Meta Directory Services, FIM Certificate Services, FIM Web Service, RM… continue reading “Proper Care and Feeding of Your Databases: FIM, ILM, CLM, RMS, SharePoint and OCS”

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