Follow up #1 on How does Identity Management Impact the Bottom Line? Selling IDM

In my presentation last week at #OCGUS15 The Redmond Summit put on by my friends at OCG, on “How does Identity Management Impact the Bottom Line? Selling IDM” I illustrated how understanding more about Financial statements such as Profit/Loss statements as well as Balance Sheets can be helpful. So here is a link to learn more: • Among other things this is helpful to be able to articulate how your projects and programs can impact the bottom line such as how User provisioning/Deprovisioning impacts the Profit and Loss Statement:

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Millionaire Next Door and All Your Worth

No this post isn’t about my new neighbors, or my new house. Its about the secret to wealth. First you buy two copies of the Millionaire Next Door and then you give one to each of your next door neighbors. Suddenly your odds of getting rich will improve. Ok hopefully that gives you a chuckle. Nonetheless, here is my prescription for improving America’s financial health. While I normally write on the topics of Identity Management and SQL Server, I did also earn an MBA from the Eller College of Business at the University of Arizona, and have done some financial counseling as a volunteer through church.

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